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ZnT ends next week

HnR ends this year

GSNK ends next week

Barakamon ends this year

Free! ES ends this year

Join me in the lake of tears

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Zankyou no Terror Episode 10 Preview
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Note: You can purchase printed copies of these posters in various sizes from my RedBubble store.

Just some posters I put together after seeing a repost of a rough piece I made not long ago, based on someone else’s sketch (Uptiltheylearntoshout did the sketch and posted the original piece I made). Respectively, the symbols are for anarchism, straight-edge, and exchange. Basically this collection is meant to stand for the integrity of body, mind, and social interaction, which can only be achieved when one is free. As a side note, while I do not personally identify as straight-edge, I would certainly qualify for the label.

Project: Posters

Reblogging because I just redesigned the graphics for these posters to be more like my current fascination with 70s-esque style and less reminiscent of certain Marvel superhero team logos.

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This was ad-libbed by the voice actor, Craig Ferguson and they chose to keep it in because they loved it. Kids won’t get it but adults will be thinking “did he just imply what I think he implied?”

And later the director confirmed it.

DeBlois revealed that, the reason Gobber never got married, is because he is homosexual. This makes him the first homosexual character of the franchise, and even DreamWorks itself.


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Courage the Cowardly Dog: Last of the Starmakers

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